I'm selling out.

D. Redwine is selling out. My surrender is your gain. After many years of purposely selling a minimum amount of my fine art and studies I have finally changed my mind.

Why the sudden change? Well, through my countless marine-related projects and adventures over the years, I’ve found myself part of a community with the ocean at its core. And what a wonderful community it is. I want to give back in some way, and I can do so through the one thing that consumes me each and every day: my art.

But I’m doing it slightly on my terms. I tend to be stubborn. Insert best artists are weird quote.

I’ve been blessed with many things. I married the love of my life. We raised a pretty cool little dude. And throughout it all we’ve spent almost as much time on the water as on the land. Needless to say, my brain is full to the brim with ideas for sketches, all of them just begging to be let out.

And when I let them out, I want them to come live with you.

Routine is my armor against ADD. I wake early every morning and brew a strong pot of coffee, casting a glance at the water behind our house. I prefer to see it windy and rough, because calm water is dangerous; it beckons me to grab my SUP and flyrod. But it’s creating, not fishing, that eventually pulls me to my desk.

With coffee in hand and creative juices flowing, I sit down to sketch whatever inspires me that day. It could be a marlin blasting a school of tuna, or a redfish tailing on a grassflat—and you never know what fishy dreams from the night before might come into play.

That sketch, for that particular day, can be yours.

Signed and dated, this is the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion, such as someone’s birthday, anniversary or other big life event. 

Here comes the word NO.

  • No, you don’t get to choose what I draw. But you do get to provide me with some background on the person’s interests. I may or may not use it. Mystery is fun, isn’t it?
  • No, you don’t get the sketch sent to you immediately. But you do get an Instagram/Facebook photo of the sketch on the Special Date it’s created, along with a postcard mailed to inform the recipient that they will receive their D.Redwine original sketch after the first of the year.
  • No, I won’t change the size.

I sketch an original 6×8 every morning, this will be dated and signed. Early January, 2016 your piece of history will be famous because I will be doing an exhibit with all 365 pieces of art. As soon as the event is over you will be sent your D.Redwine original art.


6x8 D.Redwine Original one of a kind art is $150.

Pick your days early before they are filled. This days sketch/study/art will be dedicated to the person or occasion you order it for and it will include the date next to my signature. Orders must be paid in full to hold your occasion.


Recent Sketches